Cynical Owl

Big News: I Won Camp Nanowrimo April 2014!!!

this is h1

this is h3 and it comes before h2, oh the rebellion

this is h2

This is not really my first web page,
this is supposed to be my first paragraph.

this is still h2

this is h3 too, but it comes after h2...boooriiiing

but I want to practice for, oh, and this is my second paragraph.

this is an unordered list

this one is an ordered list

  1. ordered element 1
  2. ordered element 2
  3. ordered element 3

Here are some lists within lists...oooh, inception

Here is table-ish thingy

cell 1 cell 2
2 cell 1 2 cell 2

here are some links

Anywun's Torchwood headcanon

anywun's world

dmwit's world

Imogen the Albino


So, let's start the form: First password

Second some drop-down box:

now, option check box thingies:

thingy 1

thingy 2

okay, non-radion button check box now



now text area